Yes, someone did eat their shoe here

Werner Herzog eats his shoe.

The UC Theatre is a building filled with an immense amount of history, yet while many of you may know that a legendary movie theater once occupied these halls, you may not know about all of the crazy stories that go along with its history – for example, in 1979, Werner Herzog did eat his […]

“What’s Upstairs?”


You may be familiar with the overwhelming feeling people often get as they enter The UC Theatre for the first time – the majestic chandeliers, the aesthetically pleasing art deco walls, the exceptional Meyer Sound system; everything seems beyond perfect. You can always tell who’s a first-timer at The UC Theatre by what they say […]

The Best Bathrooms in the Biz

A general photo showing The UC Theatre's beautiful restroom.

If you’re a frequent concert-goer, chances are you understand the importance of a good venue bathroom. Your experience in the bathroom has the chance to either make or break your entire night… lucky for our guests, our bathrooms rock. I could spend a whole day going on and on about how stellar The UC Theatre’s […]

Intern Perspectives: Nicole Peña

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 12.14.21 PM

I have an ingrained passion for live events. As a child in Mexico I used to live inside my families dance hall, surrounded by the energy and constant excitement of parties and shows. Over the years my interests shifted to film and theater. While studying film and digital media at UC Santa Cruz, I felt […]

YAB Voices: Nick Hart


I initially became interested in The UC Theatre when I heard about their Youth Advisory Board program, which I thought was an incredibly unique thing for a concert venue of that size to offer. Having just graduated from college with a Bachelor’s of Music, I was looking for something to do that was related to […]