The UC Theatre Expands Its Hands-On Learning Opportunities

This fall we started to expand our Education Program by offering pilot workshops in Google AdWords and Live Concert Lighting Design. Our Youth Advisory Board (YAB) members had the opportunity to learned first hand from Google employee, Josh Knox, how to use Google AdWords to promote events. YAB member, Bobby Kirwin (age 19), said that “ the workshop was an eye-opener for me. I learned so much about the importance of clicks and how to use the internet as a main platform for reaching out to the public. I’d take it again in an instant, and now I want to get my Google AdWords certification!”

Not only are our YAB members learning the business aspects of concert promotion, they are also diving into the creative side. The UC Theatre’s Lighting Designer, Rob Robertson, shared his talent and expertise, resulting in each YAB member designing lights for their favorite tune! YAB member, Kristina Kamphuis (age 22), said she “ was able to get a hands on idea of what it’s like to control the lights for a show, specifically playing around with the colors to fit the mood of the song. I felt I was able to express myself…loved all of the thorough information on the different types of lights and models. This experience has definitely expanded my interests”.