Getting Started in Concert Career Pathways Internships

sofia filingMerch interns

After weeks of completing shadow shifts in The UC Theatre’s many departments, our Concert Career Pathways interns have been placed in their respective roles and started shifts as bona fide theatre staff. Observing front of house operations, participating in marketing shifts and taking part in various other jobs allowed the interns to dip their feet into many aspects of concert production before choosing their final internship roles.

The 15 interns now each find themselves immersed in one or more jobs including talent buying, marketing, front of house, production, and bar staff.

“I really like [the internship program] because we’re getting to participate in all departments of the theater and you’re like an actual employee,” said intern Cesar Aguilar, who has been working in production and bar operations.

Because the interns have attended workshops intended to expand their understanding of concert careers and the promotion of The UC Theatre’s shows, they are well-prepared for their new positions working alongside the theatre’s staff.

“I feel like I’ve gained more insight into the industry more than I thought I would,” said development and production intern Bryan Fuentes. “I have a pretty extensive knowledge about theater, pretty extensive knowledge on putting on a show, so some of that stuff isn’t all that new to me, but I think (the program is) pretty cool.”

According to Nicole Peña, an intern working in production, her prior experience doing light and tech at a smaller venue didn’t give her as much in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of a concert venue. In the UC Theatre’s Concert Career Pathways program, she said she’s gained opportunities to learn many more aspects of the industry and she’s looking forward to getting more involved in concert promotion.