Concert Career Pathways Intern Merges Hip-Hop and Social Media

An intern in The UC Theatre’s Concert Career Pathways program, Marquis Pippins, 20, has always had a love for concerts and all things related to music. At the RYSE Youth Center in Richmond, Marquis first heard about the internship program and was encouraged to join by staff members at the center who recognized his passion for involvement in the music industry.

“The program is important because it leads to opportunities first off for youth and also for people in different communities,” said Deandre Evans, a RYSE performing arts assistant and member of The UC Theatre’s Youth Advisory Board.

After completing the workshops focusing on such topics as marketing, general management, and front of house operations, Marquis was drawn to the idea of working in social media promotion. With extensive experience marketing his own music, he felt that working with The UC Theatre’s social media staff would provide him an opportunity to assist the venue and hone his already existing skills.

“I’m a hip-hop and R&B artist, so I always promote my own music on social media, so just interning here and learning new stuff about the social media will help me in the long run,” he said.

Since starting the official internship portion of the Concert Career Pathways program after completing workshops and shadow shifts, Marquis has been engrossed in all the jobs involved in running the theatre’s social media presence.

“He helps promote on social media for us, he has been doing a lot of the odd jobs that the marketing department also covers, which is everything from making sure there are still posters hung up … and helping a bit with the marquee outside,” said Chris Weir, The UC Theatre’s social media manager.

Marquis has particularly enjoyed posting updates on the Facebook, Snapchat and other social media platforms used by The UC Theatre. His background in music promotion has instilled in him the value of using all possible outlets to capture the public’s attention, whether it be for promoting his personal content or advertising for upcoming shows at the theatre.

“I think what’s important … about the social media is you gotta get it to the people, that’s what social media’s for. So social media is a good outlet for people to know about The UC Theatre,” Marquis said.

Written by Kayla Kettmann
Video produced by Kelly Luu