Behind the Scenes: Getting inside the mind of an audio engineer


On Jan. 23, The UC Theatre hosted its first sound workshop for our Youth Advisory Board (YAB) and Concert Career Pathways interns interested in learning more about live sound engineering. Sebastien Pallisso-Poux, the theatre’s front of house audio engineer, led the four-hour workshop, which included explanations of the physics of sound, acoustics, audio effects, and an overview of the theatre’s Avid sound console. Participants had the opportunity to apply their newfound knowledge as they manipulated sounds using equalization, compression, noise gates, delay, and reverb. “I loved being able to get inside the head of a professional sound engineer and hear how he [conceptualizes] his job as well as [learn about] the technical aspects,” said YAB member and Assistant Floor Manager Maleik Dion. “Usually when I see him, we both have earplugs so conversation isn’t much of an option.”