The Best Bathrooms in the Biz

A general photo showing The UC Theatre's beautiful restroom.

If you’re a frequent concert-goer, chances are you understand the importance of a good venue bathroom. Your experience in the bathroom has the chance to either make or break your entire night… lucky for our guests, our bathrooms rock. I could spend a whole day going on and on about how stellar The UC Theatre’s bathrooms are, but instead I’ve comprised a list of five reasons why I think our bathrooms are so much better than the rest:

1. The sheer abundance of stalls.

View of The UC Theatre's bathroom stalls.

“Why is this so important?” you might ask…

Well, I’m sure you know the feeling: the opener has just ended and you know this is the perfect (if not only) chance you’ll get to take a bathroom break and release whatever you’ve been holding in since you got to the show. You feel a sense of relief as you approach the bathroom, but as you turn the corner, you’re overcome with dread – there’s a line. You really have to go, so you tell yourself it’s worth it, but by the time it’s finally your turn, the headliner, who you came to see, is already done with two songs (one of which is your all-time-favorite). This scenario may be a trademark of the human experience, but it’s one we can all live without – I personally, as a representative of the UC Theatre, strive to obliterate the unnecessary bathroom wait time, and I hope you can join me on this mission. Here at The UC Theatre, due to the sheer number of stalls in our bathrooms, patrons wait on average 0 – 30 seconds to use a stall.

2. The continuous cleanliness. 

A clean sink in a UC Theatre bathroom.

The UC Theatre’s bathrooms provide an unprecedented level of cleanliness when compared to those of other venues thanks to our awesome maintenance team. Even at our more rowdy EDM shows, the bathrooms remain spotless. The floors are clean, the mirrors are clean, the toilets/urinals are clean, and you can pretty much always count on there being enough toilet paper.

3. We never run out of hand soap, and have a wide variety of paper towel options. 

A photo of The UC Theatre's paper towel dispensers and sink area.

Have you ever used a bathroom, got your hands all wet, and then pressed the soap dispenser to discover there’s not a drop left? The feeling sucks; not only did you waste water (a vital resource), but you walk out of the bathroom feeling dirty, unaccomplished, and just plain upset. That’s why we at The UC Theatre make it our personal goal to keep everything fully stocked at all times – you’ll never get your hands wet to realize there’s no soap left. Aside from soap, we even provide hand lotion, and two (not one, but two) different paper towels dispensers – some people may find this confusing, but I find it luxurious and efficient. There’s no denying that at The UC Theatre, you’ll always find everything you need to have a pleasant bathroom experience.

4. Orchids and a timeless aesthetic. 

Orchids in The UC Theatre's bathrooms.

Our bathrooms may be clean, fully stocked, and ginormous, but what really adds that extra touch are our seasonal decorations. Right now, we’ve got some gorgeous orchids that provide an atmosphere that is soothing as well as aesthetically pleasing. Arguably, the only thing we’re missing is a Picasso. In addition to our seasonal decorations, our permanent mirrors make it easy to check yourself out as you wash your hands, or, you can even opt to use a full-length mirror as you exit – the world is your oyster when you’re in a UC Theatre bathroom.

5. The in-stall (or “above-urinal”) reading materials. 

A Peter Hook & The Light poster hangs on the inside of a UCT bathroom stall.

As you sit down on one of our toilets (or should I say, “thrones”), you may find yourself wondering, “Man, when can I come back to The UC Theatre again soon?” Before you can even finish asking this mental question, you look up at the back of the stall door and see a poster informing you that your favorite band is playing here next month – that’s another one of my favorite things about The UC Theatre’s bathrooms; our in-stall reading material always keep you up to date on upcoming shows.


In conclusion, if the awesomeness of a bathroom can be used as one aspect to determine the awesomeness of a venue; The UC Theatre is pretty awesome. One of our guests has summed up how I feel about the theatre’s bathrooms:

“The UC Theatre’s bathrooms are amazing! Always so clean! Love the decor around the sinks and mirror, but my favorite feature is the in-stall show poster. Every time I go in there, I choose a different stall to check out a different poster. It’s like a game!” – Anonymous

I think that the quality of the bathrooms here at The UC Theatre is unprecedented in terms of concert venue bathrooms, but that’s just an intern’s perspective; if you’re really curious about our bathrooms, you’ve got to get a ticket and come to a show yourself. One thing anyone who’s used the bathrooms here can agree on is that The UC Theatre offers a phenomenal bathroom experience that allows you to get in and out of the bathroom quickly and pleasantly, so you can get back to what you really came here to see – the music.