YAB Voices: Kailey Hecht

Kailey Hecht and Education Director Robyn Bykofsky after the New Year’s Eve California Honeydrops show.

I became interested and involved with the theatre prior to the remodel when movie theater seats completely filled the room, and it was an entirely different space than it is today. Initially I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting involved in or what my role would be, but we were all learning and moving forward together which greatly helped with my initial uncertainty. Additionally, Robyn Bykofsky, our education director, consistently supported me as I learned, and helped me find confidence in my voice and perspective. The UC Theatre has come so far in a relatively short amout of time. It was very exciting for me to be able to see the progression of the remodel all the way up through the opening of the venue with the first live music shows.

Once the theatre opened, I quickly learned how to work multiple positions throughout the venue, and I gained confidence in my ability to help out in various situations. Throughout my time working at the theatre I have learned just how much happens behind the scenes when putting on a live show.  There is a lot of “invisible” work involved in creating the best customer experience. As I venture off to college later this year, I will certainly be more prepared to face personal uncertainty with confidence and the knowledge that I will figure it all out, even if in the beginning I am unsure. I am excited for these coming months and working as much as I can prior to beginning this next chapter of my life.