“What’s Upstairs?”

A view looking up the staircase.

You may be familiar with the overwhelming feeling people often get as they enter The UC Theatre for the first time – the majestic chandeliers, the aesthetically pleasing art deco walls, the exceptional Meyer Sound system; everything seems beyond perfect. You can always tell who’s a first-timer at The UC Theatre by what they say as they enter the music hall, ranging from a “Woah!” to a “Wow!” to a “This place is awesome!”

One of the questions our employees get asked frequently by first-timers (aside from “Where is the bathroom?”) is by far, “What’s upstairs?” often followed by, “How do we get upstairs?” Lucky for you, we’ve got all the answers.

“What’s upstairs?” We know you’ve probably made assumptions about what we’re hiding up here; maybe a ball pit, a swimming pool, or even an open bar, but the reality is far less extreme. First, we’ve got offices! Our education director and our marketing team spend a majority of their time upstairs in windowless rooms, helping to make the magic of The UC Theatre happen. As employees, we often find ourselves hustling up and down the stairs to find the exact person we’re looking for. As a patron, maybe you’ve called our customer service line – believe it or not, the person who’s on the other side of that call sits at a desk upstairs. The upstairs offices truly are an extraordinary place.

Working in the office.

But, that’s not all – in addition to a workspace, the upstairs of our theatre also serves as a home to some of our most special seats. The upstairs view allows for you to see the entire music hall and audience, while maintaining a safe distance from the (usually) sweaty mass of people standing below.

A view from upstairs.

This brings us to what’s probably your next question – “How do we get upstairs?” Our offices are reserved for employees, but hey, we’re constantly building our team. And, unfortunately, the upstairs isn’t open to the public – in other words, there’s no way to buy a ticket to get that prime upstairs view. But in reality that’s not so bad, because our floor seats are some of the best in the house, and provide an intimate experience you’ll never forget.