Intern Perspectives: Kelly Luu & Kayla Kettmann


Kelly (left): After partaking in UC Berkeley’s summer journalism program, I found an interest in photography, videography, and tech, dissatisfied with my prior scientific pursuits. I sought any available and related opportunities, including work at a local design studio (ODALC), our campus’ Unmanned Aerial Vehicles organization, and The UC Theatre’s Concert Career Pathways program. This internship was a great chance to expand my visual media skills and be a part of a program created by the community, for the community.

Kayla (right): After studying Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley for two years, I realized that my major wasn’t particularly suited to my career interests. But when I started the multimedia internship at The UC Theatre as part of the Concert Career Pathways program, I finally got an opportunity to meld my knowledge about multimedia (which I gained through pursuing a minor in Journalism) and my enthusiasm for live music. Being able to hone my skills in a 1,400-capacity music venue with incredible Meyer Sound systems has been an eye-opening experience.


One of the biggest projects we worked on was the “1st Anniversary A Century Later” video. Because of our introduction to The UC Theatre through the multi-faceted hands-on workshops and internship opportunities, we’ve been able to look at the past year at the theatre from multiple perspectives — marketing, development, education, production, special events, and more! Because it was the theatre’s first year as a live music venue, there wasn’t much video footage to use. At first, we didn’t know how to formulate a video without much footage, but we came up with the idea to utilize a slideshow format with the plentiful photos we had at our disposal from shows and other events. Two of our favorite aspects about working on the video were 1) taking a creative route in production while learning new editing programs and 2) getting to meet the general manager’s dog when he came to the office. Through creating the anniversary video, we also learned a ton of history about the venue including that Tom Hanks credits The UC Theatre as integral to his burgeoning interest in movies. We love Tom Hanks!