A Year of Milestones at The UC Theatre

Toots 4-14-17-14038

If we haven’t made it clear enough, this April marks the one year anniversary of The UC Theatre’s re-opening. What exactly does that mean? One year, 365 days, 525,600 minutes, 3.154e+7 seconds (whatever that means) – no matter how you think of it, this first year has been full of exciting milestones.

77 ticketed events. Even as a new venue, The UC Theatre has drawn many talented acts to the East Bay, from Toro y Moi to Tinariwen to Nicolas Jaar.

Green day returns to East Bay. After selling out amphitheaters, Green Day finally gave Berkeley the intimate performance fans had been waiting for.

Youth in the Education Program.

30 youth in the education program. The UC Theatre’s education program is one-of-a-kind. No other educational program offers the type of hands-on learning experience The UC Theatre has come to provide.

1800+ paid internship hours. This summer marks the end of the first round of the Concert to Career Pathways program, meaning a new batch of interns will be hired within a few months. The CCP program is unprecedented in its innovative curriculum, and is a big part of what makes The UC Theatre so unique. The CPP program has allowed participants to learn countless new skills, but has also enabled many to explore a field they would not have the resources to delve into otherwise.

465,000+ web views. Within a year, The UC Theatre has grown to be a household name. No longer is The UC Theatre being mistaken for The Greek or UC Berkeley’s Zellerbach; The UC Theatre has established its own character and spirit.

21 private events. From fancy corporate events to high school proms, The UC Theatre has provided a perfect space for a growing number of private events. It’s safe to say that The UC Theatre has expanded from a concert venue to so much more.

Photo credit: Dave Weiland.

11,000+ Facebook likes. It’s very hard to create an online presence for a new venue, but The UC Theatre’s wonderful qualities (in addition to the efforts of our hard working Marketing Director, Tessa) has made The UC Theatre’s internet presence possible.

Rocky Horror returns. After the longest consecutive monthly showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (22 years), The UC Theatre shut down. When the space finally re-opened, The UC Theatre decided to bring Rocky back – something East Bay natives never thought they’d see happen in this space again!

A photo from outside the theatre.

All in all, it’s been a pretty great year. Here’s to many more wonderful years at The UC Theatre!