Congrats to our Concert Career Pathways Interns!


On May 15th The UC Theatre celebrated the graduation of our first round of Concert Career Pathways interns. The past year has been an exciting one, and the first round of the program has definitely been a great success. Last August, fourteen candidates were selected to be the first class of interns at the newly reopened UC Theatre, all sharing the collective dream of working in the music industry. Coming from a variety of backgrounds, they bonded over their shared love of music and the desire to build The UC Theatre into something wonderful. Over the next ten months, the interns worked directly with industry professionals, gaining new skills, and making new friends. Over 85 events and over 2,000 paid intern working hours later, the inaugural class of The UC Theatre’s Concert Career Pathways program has made great strides.

By combining workshops with paid internships, The UC Theatre has made getting an education in entertainment production more accessible to the community. Participants have learned practices in various fields, such as production management, event coordination, stagehand practices, floor staffing, live sound engineering, lighting design, event budgeting, box office operations, marketing, social media promotion, booking, and more. Many of the program’s participants have secured jobs within the industry, while some have even been hired in continuing positions at The UC Theatre. It is clear that participating in the program can serve as a door to opportunities in the entertainment industry.

It has been a great first year for The UC Theatre, and it couldn’t have gone this smoothly without the Concert Career Pathways participants. The graduation of our inaugural class of interns was a ceremony, but more than that – a celebration! The education program is a big part of what makes The UC Theatre so unique, and we look forward to many more generations of Concert Career Pathways graduates to come.