A look inside the Concert Career Pathways interview process

As the application period for the next cohort of Concert Career Pathways participants comes to a close, we thought we’d give you an inside look at our interview process. This year, the Concert Career Pathways program had a record 66 applicants. Despite the large number of applications, each and every applicant was carefully reviewed a number of times by at least five people (consisting of our Education Director, UC Theatre staff, and former Concert Career Pathways interns) before 32 were selected to come in to interview.

Our interview panel consisted of numerous individuals – among them The UC Theatre’s Education Director, numerous of The UC Theatre’s staff members, The UC Theatre’s Youth Advisory Board Members, and The UC Theatre’s recent Concert Career Pathways program graduates. “Having a wide range of people on our interview panel is important — it’s essential to have multiple perspectives when considering applicants,” Education Director Robyn Bykofsky reflected. Tessa Morris, The UC Theatre’s Marketing Director, further elaborated on the importance of panel style interviews, “I am more likely to bring a panel on board for interviews in the future. It is always good to have more that one opinion, and collective learning is the way to go!”

Maleik Dion, member of the Youth Advisory Board and current Floor Manager explained what he was looking for in an applicant, “The things I like to see in an interviewee are passion, critical thinking skills and understanding, self motivation, and communication skills. I was impressed to see how many young people have these skills!” Phil Katague, Concert Career Pathways graduate and current Assistant to the General Manager claimed, “It was fun getting to meet a variety of candidates from a multitude of backgrounds,” further elaborating on the difficulty of selecting applicants, “We were looking for candidates who could be helped and could benefit from the opportunity we are offering. We had plenty of applicants who were perfectly qualified but the ones that stood out to me were the ones that had the most to gain from being a part of the community here at The UC Theatre.”

“The interview process was interesting because I was on the other side of the table for once,” Bryan Fuentes, Concert Career Pathways graduate and current Development Coordinator commented. Being able to participate in the interviews proved to be a valuable experience for those on the Youth Advisory Board and former Concert Career Pathways interns — by allowing us to understand what interviewing is like from the perspective of the job seeker, we learned what it takes to stand out, and how to better our personal interview skills in the future.

Ultimately, 18 applicants were chosen to participate in this year’s Concert Career Pathways program, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome them aboard! It was definitely a tough decision, but we can’t wait to introduce you to our new Concert Career Pathways program participants!