Round Two of the Concert Career Pathways Program Kicks Off

August has finally begun, and with it, our new cohort of Concert Career Pathways participants have made their way to the theatre. Last week, as new faces filled the room, we took a moment to speak with the new cohort, learning about where they came from, what they were looking forward to, and what brought them to The UC Theatre.

Overall, one theme was consistent throughout their responses – excitement. When we asked the new cohort what they were most excited to learn about the music industry, the most common response was, “everything.” Most of this year’s participants have a passion for music one way or another, whether it be making music, listening to music, or attending an excessive amount of concerts. Some participants are students at UC Berkeley, but most are not. While some found out about the Concert Career Pathways program from current theatre staff, a few stumbled on The UC Theatre’s show calendar and found themselves intrigued.

This year of the Concert Career Pathways program is going to be one to remember, and we’re thrilled to have so many passionate, new students on board! Our participants come from a diverse range of backgrounds, united by their enthusiasm for music and thirst for knowledge.

It’s amazing to see how quickly The UC Theatre has grown – the second year of the Concert Career Pathways program is now a reality, and we can’t wait to keep you updated on their progress!