Reflections From Our Concert Career Pathways Students

As Summer break begins to transition into the start of a new school year, this year’s group of Concert Career Pathways participants has begun the next stage of the program — shadow shifts. The shadow shifts are a big component of what makes the Concert Career Pathways program so unique: over the course of a few weeks, participants have had the ability to gain hands-on experience working alongside industry professionals at The UC Theatre. We took a moment to speak with this year’s participants to allow them to reflect on the program thus far after completing their first few shadow shifts. We found ourselves very moved by their responses, and we’d love to share with you what they’ve said:

“I have faced many obstacles in my life, never knowing if I will be financially set in the long run or keeping a roof over my head here in the Bay Area as rent keeps skyrocketing and food grows more expensive… I could never afford a musical school or educational degree in doing something that I am passionate about. I was living off of canned beans and quesadillas and whatever great snacks Robyn or Shakeea brought for breakfast during these workshops… So I say, Thank you to The UC Theatre!”

“I’ve learned that work doesn’t even feel like work if you’re involved with something you love.”

“Being present at The UC Theatre for the different positions I’ve been able to shadow has allowed me to be able to slowly put together the pieces and see how everyone works together to put on a show — that excites me to the fullest extent. It has helped me realize that this is what I want to do, and that the music industry; The UC Theatre, is where I’d want to be.”

“The different parts of the theatre all have very different jobs to do yet all come together in an amazing way to create this venue. Even with the numerous hours we have already put in I have only gotten a small glimpse. I can tell there is a whole lot more to learn. I learned that no day will ever be the same. You can’t expect anything to go a certain way. The three shadow shifts I have done so far tie into that mentality… I feel like I have grown and will keep growing through future shadow shifts.”

“I’ve learned that I really really love the live music industry… After spending several nights working shows here, I feel very much at home and certain that this is the industry I want to pursue a career in.”

If you take away anything from these responses, we hope that it is the fact that The UC Theatre is more than just a music venue with a stellar Meyer sound system — it’s a fixture in the community. The UC Theatre is dedicated to providing opportunities that have the ability to help someone crack out of their shell, make friends, and even find a career. Just like the participants in this year’s Concert Career Pathways program, The UC Theatre has a large potential for growth, and we hope you can join us on this journey. It’s been only a year (and five months) since The UC Theatre reopened, yet the venue has already positively impacted the lives of so many — with your help and support, The UC Theatre is here to stay.