Stories from The Bar: Rocky Horror Picture Show 2016

One of the most memorable shows for the bar staff, was when we historically brought The Rocky Horror Picture Show back after so many years of darkness. The night was going to be much different since we were able to wear costumes and it was mostly a seated show with live performers on stage – something we had yet to tackle, so it was all brand new. We were not sure what to expect, but knew over a thousand rowdy fans would be showing up in no time. We did our very best to prepare for this highly anticipated unknown.  

It was fun to see the guests arriving super pumped in amazing outfits, and we totally fed off of the positive vibes they were bringing in the door. The patrons were so excited about the doors being open again, but especially with the long awaited return of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the newly renovated UC Theatre. We received many compliments on the beauty of the venue as well as the kindness of the staff overall. It was an exceptional show. The cast and crew members stayed afterwards to hang out with all of us and shared some great stories about the night. At the end of the night, the inside of the venue looked like a toilet paper/rice/playing card/glitter/costume bomb went off, and we loved every minute of it.