Stories From Box Office: Psychotherapy

Strange things can happen when you lock yourself into a glass box and sit at the sidewalk all day in downtown Berkeley. You don’t realize the number of people who are walking the streets who want to catch a moment of roadside therapy or share how struck they are by the beautiful sunset at the end of University Ave until you’ve spent those hours in that box. People stop to tell me about things they’ve been contemplating — they tell me about the last time they saw a movie at our theatre before the old movie house closed. They tell me about marrying movie stars, histories of bands they love, they rave (and rant) about our president, antifa, the pigeons. Some just come up and start singing to me (Yes, this has happened more than once). Some are just yelling to yell – we’ve all seen those folks, but it’s not just the loud or crazy people we’re so familiar with who have something to say. My favorites are the people who are only stopping in to share whatever is on their minds while asking about shows.

This is when I get to see the lasting effect that a wonderful concert can and does have on a person.  When a customer comes to buy tickets in person for an eagerly awaited upcoming show, they invariably share the last time they got to see the band, whether it was in their childhood, or because they have been following them for years; and we at the box office have the pleasure of reliving the customer’s experiences with them.

I really enjoy the contact that I have with our guests while working in the box office at The UC Theatre.  Almost every exchange I get to have with guests tends to involve stoking them out in some small way.  Whether I am helping with seating accommodations, ticket issues, or giving out credentials, the transaction almost always garners a smile, and sometimes I even get spontaneous hugs for my service.

At least half, if not more, of this job is customer service. Given that thought, I couldn’t be happier that The UC Theatre management has given me the tools to ensure great customer satisfaction wherever possible. And I couldn’t be happier to be working for this venue and to be a part of this fantastic and growing family.

Saffron Hill

Box Office Manager

The UC Theatre