Meyer Brings the Sound


After attending the advanced sound workshop, The UC Theatre’s Education Program Coordinator, Shakeea T. Smith had this to say about it:

Meyer brings the sound! On November 12th, 2017, we experienced sound on a level people do not normally experience during concerts. During our advanced sound workshop, Steve Bush, a Technical Support Representative, and other staff from Meyer Sound dropped some sound knowledge into the lives of our Concert Career Pathways participants and Youth Advisory Board members. We were all astounded by Steve’s thorough presentation.

Who would have thought the static we were listening to had a purpose, or that it was called pink noise?! During the workshop, Steve Bush played pink noise instead of music to help us understand sound on a broader scope. Pink noise was played aloud while we walked around the theatre to hear how sound changes as it travels inside the venue. We were also able to witness Steve using a Meyer Sound software that showed us how sound travels. Hertz, watts, bandwidth, and decibel are some of the terms I have walked away with. After the sound workshop, Concert Career pathways production intern Paul Hernandez said, “It was mind boggling to hear the pink noise test demos as we walked around the room in efforts to deliver the same sound experience to everyone in the space. The Meyer Sound team are good hearted people that actually care about their jobs. After the class, I have an even stronger urge to keep pushing my sonic boundaries to new heights.”

I would like to thank Brandon York, the Meyer Sound Education Program Administrator, for making this workshop accessible to The UC Theatre. Given the chance to go through this workshop again, I would do it in a heartbeat.