The Behind the Scenes Tour Program Launch w/ Youth Uprising


On December 8th, 2017, The UC Theatre’s education program hosted it’s very first Behind the Scenes Tour with five youth and a staff member from the East Oakland organization, Youth UpRising. The UC Theatre’s education program coordinator, Shakeea T. Smith and education intern, Isaac Resendiz guided the group through the venue as Ugly God loaded-in gear and did a sound check. This being the first youth tour, there were so many things to think about… How can an educational tour be fun? What if the youth don’t participate? Where should they be seated during the show to ensure a great experience? How is the theme park experience created? This is your journey through The UC Theatre and Shakeea and Isaac are your tour guides, please fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride.


The youth were full of enthusiasm and charm. During the tour there were talks about the great Meyer Sound system, the beautiful theatrical lights, the Concert Career Pathways program, and an all-time favorite, the origin of The UC Theatre. Everyone was full of questions and excitement. Three of the young people are interested in applying to the program in March. The other two are looking forward to moving on to their sophomore and junior years in high school, as well as attending more shows at The UC Theatre.  


The tour guides mentioned that it was really fun getting to know this group and they are so eager to be tour guides for any youth group that wants to take advantage of the opportunity to be a part of The UC Theatre family. Thanks to Youth UpRising and staff member Tsehayu Bantidagne for their continued partnership.