Industry Insights with Talent Agent Brad Wiseman

On January 9th, Brad Wiseman, booking agent from APA Agency came to The UC Theatre to give us some insight on his career in the music industry. Through life lessons and personal experiences, Brad was able to provide an inspiring and intimate discussion for The UC Theatre’s staff and Concert Career Pathways interns.

Before working for APA Agency in New York, Brad told us since high school he only had one thing on his mind: music. After touring with a band for several years, he was still interested in booking shows and was relentless in pursuing a career in the music industry. Now, he works for APA – a talent agency that represents a wide variety of artists from Mary J. Blige to Judas Priest. Brad frequently travels between California and New York as he represents the Bay Area local pop-punk band, The Story So Far among other popular music artists

What I found unique about Brad Wiseman was that he was human. He was interested in our passions and stories as much as we were in his. Working on both the performing and booking side of the music industry, Brad asked questions that made everyone think about their place now in the music industry and opened what was primarily a lecture into a great discussion.

I learned that to work in the music industry, you have to be relentless, and if you put your nose to the grindstone, and not lose sight of what you want to accomplish, you are able to reach your goals.

“When you stop doing you, you start to fail.” – Brad Wiseman