Bar Operations Workshop with The UC Theatre’s Own


As someone who has worked many different positions, one particular aspect I was always interested in learning about was Bar Operations. The workshop was very detailed and enlightening. It started off with an overview of the vocabulary that Bar-backs use to refer to the items they work with.

Next, we took a tour to the underground room where all the liquor is held, and visited the bars on each floor. After the tour, we were able to get hands-on experience working with the POS (Point of Sale) system and “take” a few orders. The workshop ended with a jeopardy-like game where we were split into two teams to show what we had learned, competing for a prize more valuable than money: chocolate. Overall, the workshop was very informative, clear-cut and fun.


Nehemiah Murray  – Program Outreach Intern; he is passionate about bettering lives and pursuing his career as a hip hop artist.