Inside the Mind of Our Theatre’s Aesthetic

After being closed for over a decade, renovating The UC Theatre was no easy feat. Thanks to members of our creative staff, we are able to see amazing artistic and aesthetic touches throughout the theatre.

Yoni Mayeri, the Creative Lead at The UC Theatre, has been one of the most creative helping hands. Yoni has been instrumental in creating the gem that is The UC Theatre. From planning the venue’s interior decorations and dressing rooms to coordinating our multimedia team and curating photos of past shows in our lobby, it’s clear the theatre would not be the same without her special touch.

“I studied art in college. I became a photographer and always had an interest in interior design and architecture. I also have a degree in Ikebana, flower arranging, from the Sogetsu School in Tokyo, Japan. I’ve been studying [Ikebana] for over 20 years.”

Working for a nonprofit venue, Yoni faces the challenge of getting decor at affordable prices that also provide the durability and aesthetically pleasing features that the theatre needs. Due to her talent in interior design, Yoni is able to use the amount of space provided and create a beautiful and friendly venue that is The UC Theatre.

Thanks to the creative minds at The UC Theatre, we are able to display a beautiful venue, matched with great performances to create many unforgettable experiences.