Radio Production Workshop with Corey Mason

Cruising into the KECG radio station broadcasting out of El Cerrito High School, Mr. Mason showcased local artists on the air. In his very warm and inviting classroom, Mr. Mason gave CCP interns an eye-opening tour.

KECG gave our interns a chance to experiment with broadcasting and FM Radio, thanks to Mr. Corey Mason (the 88.1 channels wizard and Spanish teacher at El Cerrito High). It was interesting to see how much energy and how much it costs to keep the studio running. We learned so much including how much care goes into maintaining the equipment to how to use old tube microphones to get the iconic radio DJ sound. Mr. Mason explained the different ways of programming content and mixing it to flow into one.

His classroom had a creative setting with beautiful, vivid artwork and posters; inspiration was found just looking for a CD or record that speaks to you, and if that was not enough, he leaves one of the biggest indulgences out to lure your imagination in the world of Dr. Seuss.

We closed the day out with a few bars of rhyming by ciphering our favorite lines from the Dr. Seuss Books to a Bay Area beat that had all of us moving our feet and bonding as a team. Thanks to the Concert Career Pathways program for allowing us all to have this experience and to gain a deeper love and understanding for the airwaves of sound.


Paul Hernandez – Production Intern; He is passionate about  Front of House operations and the Grateful Dead. He is currently trying to pursue a career as a sound engineer.