Intern Refelections — Mackenzie

With the Concert Career Pathways program coming to an end next month, we asked our interns to reflect on their time at The UC Theatre. One of the magical parts of the Concert Career Pathways program is that interns, in addition to learning about the industry and roles and responsibilities of their job, learn about themselves and their potential. One such person is our youngest production intern, 18-year-old Mackenzie.

Like many high school graduates, Mackenzie asked herself “what happens after graduation?”. Last summer, Mackenzie was accepted into The UC Theatre’s Concert Career Pathways internship program along with 17 other participants. Amongst the cohort, Mackenzie was the youngest and intimidated by the age differences in her cohort — “the first day of class it seems like everybody is smarter than you” — but after a few workshops, she realized that much like her, everyone else was passionate about music and here to learn and achieve their professional goals.

Mackenzie always had dreams of working in the industry as a musician, but after starting the program, her goals slightly changed. As a production intern, Mackenzie has learned a lot about audio signal flow and how to best communicate with coworkers, all of which Mackenzie says has helped her find a new passion in audio engineering. She has even picked up a gig at 924 Gilman in Berkeley as a volunteer audio engineer! Thanks to the various women in the industry she has met, she has been empowered and now sees herself as a capable audio engineer.

When asked about her thoughts on the program, Mackenzie said:

“What I value most about The UC Theatre and the Concert Career Pathways program is their willingness to help young people find their place in the music industry and pursue their dreams and passions. After graduating early from high school (December 2017), this program has been a good jumpstart for me to find my place in the industry. Doors are opening, and after being trained at Gilman, I am hoping to be able to work in more venues in the years to come”.

Mackenzie has overcome many personal obstacles and is now well on her way to achieving her professional goals in the music industry.

Bryan Fuentes
Development Manager