Concert Career Pathways Graduation: Preview

It’s all come down to this! After nine months of industry workshops, professional speakers, and striking performances with our Concert Career Pathways interns, we are pleased to recognize their achievements with the second annual Concert Career Pathways graduation ceremony. Let’s take a quick look at what they have in store for the event.

The Concert Career Pathways Graduation is under planning right now, but it promises to be quite the event. Our event planning dream team consists of a handful of interns lead by our Education Program Coordinator, Shakeea Smith. They did not disclose specifically what their plan for the graduation was, but they did tell us that there will be a variety of performances, food, and a commencement ceremony as well.

It’s beautiful to see how much we’ve grown in just nine months! At the start of the program we were all fresh-faced and somewhat shy, whereas now we are very comfortable around each other and able to work together and put our new and old skills together to produce this event.

When I spoke with Jessica Jimenez, Marketing and General Management Intern, she said she liked seeing our plans and expectations come together. General Management and Special Events Intern Max Counts said this event will also be a time when interns will be together in a non-work related situation since August when we began the program. Since then, we’ve all been busy with our positions and when we do see each other, it’s refreshing. I cannot wait to see the graduation ceremony come together.


– Isaac Resendiz, Development & Education Intern