Concert Career Pathways: Second Cohort Reflections

Berkeley High School student and Floor Intern Joshua Sifuentes gives us his take on what it was like participating in the 2nd cohort of our Concert Career Pathways program. From what he learned these past nine months to what steps he is going to take next, he has a bright future ahead.

Over the last nine-months, Josh has performed the theatre’s very first bilingual announcement, experienced the beginning of the sound and lighting workshops, and when asked about his accomplishments he said:

“I want to thank the donors because I feel like I wouldn’t be where I am now without this program. I would not have found a program like this or as great as this. I’m thankful because they took out the time to donate and support young people who want to pursue a career in this industry. They’ve helped so many people through this program.”

You could tell that Josh has grown passionately about his career in the music industry, taking on roles at his school’s theatre, managing and directing the stage. Josh says that his accomplishments outside the theatre were a result of what he captured from his participation in the industry workshops, the connections he’s made with our industry speakers, and his role as a Floor Intern. Josh then reflects back to his relationships with interns and staff:

“The interns here are great people with so much enthusiasm and creativity who continue to support you throughout the program. Each one of them has their own unique qualities and it’s great because I can relate to them on a personal level. And the staff here help you professionally because they help build your resume and provide you with opportunities once the program is over.”

Josh says that once the program is finished, he will attend community college and take the courses he needs to pursue his career goals of theatre management.