Floor: Building the Experience

From welcoming you as you enter the theatre to handing you a commemorative poster and wishing you a good night as you exit the room, the floor staff at The UC Theatre help make shows warm and inviting. Our floor staffers Blu, Calioto, and Shayla are just a few of the amazing people who help ensure you have the best experience possible.

Blu sat down to speak to us about how he contributes to the customer experience.

“I remember this kid, his ears were bothering him and his dad wanted to know if he could get a booth upstairs. We were able to accommodate them and I’m really glad we got to make their experience better. Perceiving what’s going on through the customer’s eyes allows us to empathize with patrons allowing us to handle the situation more effectively. Situations should be handled accordingly, yes; but those decisions have to come from a space of love too, not criminalization or attack or defense. One should come off as non-antagonizing.”


Blu is just one of many staff members here at The UC Theatre who puts passion into his work. Calioto, another floor staffer, explains his charismatic approach to the job.

“We’re all stationed out here making sure that people get to the right place with the right energy. If someone comes over to me with a question, I want to make sure they leave happy and informed, so that they can go out and spread that positivity. I had someone vent to me during a metal show because she had lost something in the mosh pit and she was just yelling at me. I let her vent and calmed her down and over time her phone turned up and she was able to get it back through coat check.”


Shayla is another great front-of-house staff member who you can always find dancing at coat check. Her key to creating a great environment for everyone is to enjoy her own experience first.

“Generally I try to be in a good mood and have a good time because it rubs off on patrons. People come out here to have a good time so the last thing we want is for someone they encounter to be in a bad mood.”

So the next time you’re at The UC Theatre, don’t worry about having a tough time with the personnel. As a nonprofit, we are all about building great community.