Concert Career Pathways Spotlight: Shadow Shifts

On August 1st we launched our third cohort of the Concert Career Pathways (CCP) education program with a series of comprehensive workshops. Now, CCP participants transition into their shadow shifts, an essential component of what makes the program one of a kind. They’ll be going through a rotation of positions, gaining hands-on experience in departments from marketing and development to production and bar operations in just a few weeks. Overall, one theme was consistent throughout this new cohort: passion. When we asked the new cohort what they were most excited about, the most common response was, “everything.”

“So far I’m really enjoying my shadow shifts here. This program is one of the best things that’s happened to me. You can’t get this anywhere else.”

“I feel this program was meant for me. After attending a show here I was inspired and amazed at the fact that I could be a part of a team that creates breathtaking events. These shadow shifts are helping me gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to put on a show.”

The UC Theatre is dedicated to providing opportunities that have the ability to help young people crack out of their shell, make friends, and even find a career. We’re thrilled to have so many passionate, new participants on board united by their enthusiasm for music and thirst for knowledge!