Building Our Professional Partner Network

Did you catch any shows at Stern Grove Festival this summer? If you did, you might’ve recognized some of our Concert Career Pathways program (CCP) graduates!

Every Sunday between June 17 and August 19, a handful of our CCP grads were placed into production assistant positions at Stern Grove Festival in San Francisco thanks to our professional partner network.

“The [Concert Career Pathways] program has been a terrific resource for us [at Stern Grove Festival] as the interns come prepared and eager to work in this industry. They have been great additions to our festival team.”

 – Judy Tsang, Director of Programming, Stern Grove Festival

A former CCP participant and current UCT staff member, Joshua Sifuentes states that working Stern Grove Festival was a great opportunity that would not have been afforded to him without the CCP program:

“It was such a great experience to be able to work with all the staff and enjoy the music and community. It made me much more grateful that I joined the CCP program. Without the Concert Career Pathways program, I would not have the professional experience or the relationships to be able to work amazing events like this.”

This is just one of many examples of how networking opportunities may present themselves throughout the Concert Career Pathways program. Through these experiences, CCP participants develop professional relationships that lead to extraordinary job experiences.