Concert Career Pathways: Development Workshop


Joining The UC Theatre team, as its Development Associate, is one of my greatest accomplishments. My journey here, at the theatre, has allowed me to achieve my dream of working at a music venue and given me the privilege to become a mentor to some of the most inspiring young people.

In September, I had the pleasure of assisting my supervisor, our Development Coordinator, Bryan Fuentes, in teaching our very first advanced workshop on development practices at The UC Theatre! The goal of our workshop was not only to give our Concert Career Pathways (CCP) interns a more in-depth look at our practices in fundraising, grant-writing, and various donor outreach strategies but also to illustrate the importance of community support. Bryan and I were also joined by our fearless leader, The UC Theatre’s Founder and CEO, David M. Mayeri. David shared his some of his experience in development and stressed the importance of being genuine in establishing connections with people face-to-face. He stated that to effectively grab the interest and support of our community, it is best to do it in person as opposed to on a screen.

What really amazed me about this workshop was how much the interns have grown since the very first day of the program. Just two months ago, we were struggling to get to know each other through awkward icebreakers during the intro workshops. Now, they are one big family working together effectively and surrounding each other with their creativity. It was inspiring to see how quickly they understood the content of the workshop and how they were able to connect it with the other aspects of the theatre. It made me realize that they are truly meant to be here — this is their element.

“One thing that especially stuck with me is how open Bryan and Isaac made the space for us. During the activities, we were able to get up out of our seats and work around the room. The time that they allotted for each subject also made it much easier for us to digest and clarify information with them one-on-one, which was really helpful.

– Cameron McGowan, CCP 18-19

I truly look forward to working with our interns, as they too continue their journey towards achieving their dreams in the music industry. I cannot wait to see what they will accomplish.

Isaac Resendiz, Development Associate