Concert Career Pathways: Meyer Sound

The past few weeks have been sonically transformative for me. As an avid listener of sounds, I eat up any new information about audio I can get my hands on. Steve Bush from the Meyer Sound team came to The UC Theatre to teach the fundamentals of live sound workshop to our interns. They broke down concepts that I had not previously conceived. I am ever-inspired by the physical properties of sound, for live sound is comprised of complex math and physics that I never would have known about if not for this opportunity. During the entirety of the workshop, I felt a mutual excitement between mentee and mentor— they were really happy to be passing this knowledge unto us, and we were excited to receive it. It was a dynamic that was refreshing and inspiring.

It was awesome spending hours learning about how to create the most precise live sound experience; about being able to physically manipulate sounds, and gaining historical insight about the use of amplification (The Wall of Sound, The Beatles, etc.) — from people who have spent decades completely immersed in a deeper level of sonic comprehension. We tested the sound system at The UC Theatre and learned how to listen to a room, identify the faults in the sounds, then fix them. A few weeks later, we got to go to the factory to see the same instruments we had been studying, being literally handcrafted.

I admire the sense of community amongst the Meyer Sound employees, and the focus and love they put into every detail of every instrument. I am excited to see what Meyer Sound has in store for the future of live sound, and I am proud to say that I learned a lot from them and I hope to be a part of that future.


– Mamie Willis, Concert Career Pathways 2018-19
Mamie Willis was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico into a family of artists, scholars, dancers, architects and poets, all black women. Through these people, she learned that she is an artist of many media and that her passion and imagination can take her anywhere. She believes in spaces where artistic people of color, women, and LGBTQ+ people are celebrated and promoted. Through participating in The UC Theatre’s Concert Career Pathways, she hopes to learn the skills that will help her create these spaces. She loves the feeling of bringing a community together to celebrate and express themselves and plans to work hard on making this happen.