Concert Career Pathways: The Warfield Tour

On a chilly Sunday morning, me and the rest of the Concert Career Pathways(CCP) interns hopped on a BART train from The UC Theatre into San Francisco for our tour at The Warfield.

The tour was led by Rob Robertson, a lighting designer for The Warfield and The UC Theatre. Robertson also helped set up our lighting rig when the theatre was being built. When I met him, he was extremely friendly and informative. I learned so much from him during tour, from the names of the different stage curtains to the technical aspects of the lighting rig.

I’ve been to The Warfield over a dozen times, but have never seen it like this. In the past, I’ve gone to the venue to see artists like Anderson.Paak, The Internet, Jhene Aiko, and Banks, but not once have I had the opportunity to even go backstage, let alone the attic! It was a bit frightening but exhilarating at the same time – being 60 feet above the stage on secured slabs of wood preceding the metal grates. We practically explored every room in the building from top to bottom.

At the end of the day I felt so honored and lucky to be one of the people given the opportunity to look at the venue the way he did. I don’t think I will ever get another chance to explore every single corner of The Warfield. It was also a great history lesson, I learned a ton of new things about the timeline of The Warfield, on top of a bunch of cooling facts. I would love to visit again and climb that spiral staircase all the way to theceiling.


– Lauren Lamboy, Multimedia and Production Intern

Lauren grew up throughout the Bay Area – Pinole, Albany, Richmond, and Oakland. Since she was a teenage she has had a passion for the music industry doing both front of house and monitor sound mixing as well as concert photography and videography. She is excited to learn about all of the aspects of live music industry and sees The UC Theatre’s Concert Career Pathways program as way to further her skills in sound engineering and explore talent buying, graphic design, box office and bar operations. She is particularly interested in establishing connections within the industry so that she can pursue her career goals in becoming either a touring sound engineering or artists’ photographer/videographer.