Speaker Series: Mr. Fields

This past January, a handful of Concert Career Pathways interns and I had the great opportunity to meet with the manager for the famous, Oakland raised, singer-songwriter, Fantastic Negrito. It was a very intimate session, and it allowed us to create more organic conversations. Mr. Field was laid back but made it clear that he was a professional. Although his confidence was exigent, Field was not afraid to be vulnerable and share his journey in the entertainment industry — a journey defined by his hardships as much as its accomplishments. Having spoken to Mr. Field was such an accomplishment within itself because there were similarities in our upbringings that spoke to me. Seeing someone grown from an underserved community like Oakland meant so much. By listening to his stories it became clear that trial and error was essential in achieving his goals in the industry. He also emphasized resilience, determination, and “making yourself undeniable” when it comes to chasing your dreams — being persistent until you get what you want.

I appreciated how transparent Mr. Field was and how willing he was to share his insights on trial and error, and never giving up. He reiterated that hardships are universal — that it is not about getting caught up in inventing the new, but working with what you already have and adding or joining those forces– collaborating with your peers to create something truly groundbreaking. From Mr. Field, I learned to have confidence in my own abilities and to make myself undeniable when chasing my dream. I learned that the most successful accomplishments will be the ones that rise from places of fear and vulnerability.


Bernice G., Marketing Intern

Bernice is from East Oakland, California. Her passions with the music and entertainment industry stems from her experience performing on stage, and she is interested in learning what else work goes into making live performances possible. Bernice’s ultimate goal is to be able to teach teenagers and give them the same opportunities that she has had so far within the music and entertainment industry.