Concert Career Pathways: “I Felt Empowered.”

Hesitation was my first thought when Shakeea asked who would want to do outreach at a panel for a fellowship fair. Then came a flood of all of my insecurities. These insecurities dimmed my usual spirit of adventure. What do I wear? What do I say? Do I even have anything important to say? Before […]

Concert Career Pathways: Suite Treatments Tour

On a windy Monday afternoon, our Concert Career Pathways (CCP)  cohort took a trip down to East Oakland to visit Suite Treatments, an event design company that transforms spaces into dressing rooms, VIP lounges, and backstage areas. We met with the CEO of the company, Jacqueline Barsotti, who told us about her passion for and […]

Concert Career Pathways: The Warfield Tour

On a chilly Sunday morning, me and the rest of the Concert Career Pathways(CCP) interns hopped on a BART train from The UC Theatre into San Francisco for our tour at The Warfield. The tour was led by Rob Robertson, a lighting designer for The Warfield and The UC Theatre. Robertson also helped set up […]

Speaker Series: Mr. Fields

This past January, a handful of Concert Career Pathways interns and I had the great opportunity to meet with the manager for the famous, Oakland raised, singer-songwriter, Fantastic Negrito. It was a very intimate session, and it allowed us to create more organic conversations. Mr. Field was laid back but made it clear that he was a […]

Speaker Series: Tomas Salcedo

Though I graduated the Concert Career Pathways (CCP) program in May 2018, I’m happy to still be a part of the CCP family and have opportunities to attend inspiring speaker sessions. Recently, we had the pleasure of meeting the guitarist for Fantastic Negrito, Tomas Salcedo. Fantastic Negrito is an Oakland-native singer-songwriter with lyrics as powerful […]

Concert Career Pathways: Lighting Workshop

As a concert photographer, I am always in a battle against lighting. A show’s lighting can make or break your photos, regardless of how great the composition is. Although I had an appreciation for good lighting, I had never considered who was behind the board or the subtle impact they can have on an audience. […]

Concert Career Pathways: Special Events Workshop

The UC Theatre held the latest Advanced Workshop focusing on Special Events. The workshop was lead by our Special Events Coordinator, Nicole Pena, and our former Director of Special Events, Patricia Gums. The workshop introduced our newest cohort of interns to our Special Events department, starting broadly with the question, “What is a special event?” […]

Speaker Series: Lyz Luke

Our Concert Career Pathways (CCP) interns took a trip to Second Line Vinyl, Oakland’s first vinyl record pressing plant since 1937. We saw a vinyl pressing plant in operation and spoke with Lyz Luke, Chief Community Officer (CCO) of Second Line Vinyl. With heavy machinery operating in the background, Luke began our speaker series event […]

Speaker Series: Jake Gukowsky

Last month, The UC Theatre’s in-house sound engineer, Jake Gukowsky, visited the Concert Career Pathways (CCP) interns to talk a bit about his experience in the music industry, specifically regarding his background in audio production. The way he spoke made it clear that he was very excited to share personal anecdotes, tips, and tricks, to […]