Suite Treatments with Jacqueline Barsotti

A short drive into Oakland on a Friday afternoon brought a group of CCP participants to the Suite Treatments East Bay HQ – a creative workspace, at first reminiscent of a generic warehouse from outside, but bursting with innovation within. Dedicated to providing the most unique, refreshing, and stylish experiences across the event design and […]

Radio Production Workshop with Corey Mason

Cruising into the KECG radio station broadcasting out of El Cerrito High School, Mr. Mason showcased local artists on the air. In his very warm and inviting classroom, Mr. Mason gave CCP interns an eye-opening tour. KECG gave our interns a chance to experiment with broadcasting and FM Radio, thanks to Mr. Corey Mason (the […]

Bar Operations Workshop with The UC Theatre’s Own

  As someone who has worked many different positions, one particular aspect I was always interested in learning about was Bar Operations. The workshop was very detailed and enlightening. It started off with an overview of the vocabulary that Bar-backs use to refer to the items they work with. Next, we took a tour to […]


PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS NOW!!!   The UC Theatre’s Youth Advisory Board are planning a showcase and open mic event at The UC Theatre on Monday, March 12th. General admission tickets are $5 online at the door and VIP is $25 online only. Doors open at 5:30pm and the show starts at 6:30pm. Hosted by recording […]

The UC Theatre Represents at FlyCon 2018

  As Education Director of The UC Theatre, you can imagine my surprise when I received an email from Lauren Kish, Product Operations Manager from Eventbrite (our ticketing platform) asking me to speak on a panel about diversity and inclusion. I was honored to share the “stage” with Edward Catstillo of Marketing at ScoreMore Shows […]

Industry Insights with Talent Agent Brad Wiseman

On January 9th, Brad Wiseman, booking agent from APA Agency came to The UC Theatre to give us some insight on his career in the music industry. Through life lessons and personal experiences, Brad was able to provide an inspiring and intimate discussion for The UC Theatre’s staff and Concert Career Pathways interns. Before working […]

Lighting Workshop with Rob Robertson

Sunday, December 17, 2017 was truly a day to remember. Rob Robertson, one of our lighting designers, gave The UC Theatre’s education program participants the inside scoop on our lights. Being the Education Program Coordinator, I’m not exaggerating when I say that this day really lit up souls. Participants learned: basic functions of our lighting […]


New Year’s Eve is always a night full of excitement. Coming in on Sunday, I couldn’t help but reflect upon all the changes and growth that’s happened over the last year. Personally and professionally, this year was full of surprises that I couldn’t help but be grateful for. As always, the safety and security concerns […]