Concert Career Pathways Graduation: Preview

It’s all come down to this! After nine months of industry workshops, professional speakers, and striking performances with our Concert Career Pathways interns, we are pleased to recognize their achievements with the second annual Concert Career Pathways graduation ceremony. Let’s take a quick look at what they have in store for the event. The Concert […]

Concert Career Pathways: Second Cohort Reflections

Berkeley High School student and Floor Intern Joshua Sifuentes gives us his take on what it was like participating in the 2nd cohort of our Concert Career Pathways program. From what he learned these past nine months to what steps he is going to take next, he has a bright future ahead. Over the last […]

Floor: Building the Experience

From welcoming you as you enter the theatre to handing you a commemorative poster and wishing you a good night as you exit the room, the floor staff at The UC Theatre help make shows warm and inviting. Our floor staffers Blu, Calioto, and Shayla are just a few of the amazing people who help […]

Intern Refelections — Mackenzie

With the Concert Career Pathways program coming to an end next month, we asked our interns to reflect on their time at The UC Theatre. One of the magical parts of the Concert Career Pathways program is that interns, in addition to learning about the industry and roles and responsibilities of their job, learn about […]

Open Mic Reflections

We are proud to say that our first “Speak Your Truth” open mic showcase on the Tier One Stage presented 20 exciting and talented artists. The nurturing and energetic crowd gave me life. Everyone was super chill and the vibe was impeccable. It was so amazing to have been a part of this small yet […]

Oaktown Indie Mayhem with Sarah Sexton

On March 20th, we had the pleasure of having Sarah Sexton (also The UC Theatre’s Usher Coordinator) talk about her experience in the music industry to our interns as part of our Industry Professionals Speaker Series. She has been a local promoter and booker in the Bay Area for a number of years and is […]

Inside the Mind of Our Theatre’s Aesthetic

After being closed for over a decade, renovating The UC Theatre was no easy feat. Thanks to members of our creative staff, we are able to see amazing artistic and aesthetic touches throughout the theatre. Yoni Mayeri, the Creative Lead at The UC Theatre, has been one of the most creative helping hands. Yoni has […]

Suite Treatments with Jacqueline Barsotti

A short drive into Oakland on a Friday afternoon brought a group of CCP participants to the Suite Treatments East Bay HQ – a creative workspace, at first reminiscent of a generic warehouse from outside, but bursting with innovation within. Dedicated to providing the most unique, refreshing, and stylish experiences across the event design and […]

Radio Production Workshop with Corey Mason

Cruising into the KECG radio station broadcasting out of El Cerrito High School, Mr. Mason showcased local artists on the air. In his very warm and inviting classroom, Mr. Mason gave CCP interns an eye-opening tour. KECG gave our interns a chance to experiment with broadcasting and FM Radio, thanks to Mr. Corey Mason (the […]

Bar Operations Workshop with The UC Theatre’s Own

  As someone who has worked many different positions, one particular aspect I was always interested in learning about was Bar Operations. The workshop was very detailed and enlightening. It started off with an overview of the vocabulary that Bar-backs use to refer to the items they work with. Next, we took a tour to […]