Editors Choice: Top 5 Songs

Do you ever hear a song and wish you can turn up the volume? Me too. Here’s a list of the tops 5 songs that I’ve been grooving to and bumping through my headphones lately. We start off with the legendary Sade and finish it off with local Bay Area rap group, SOB X RBE. 1. […]

Intern Refelections — Mackenzie

With the Concert Career Pathways program coming to an end next month, we asked our interns to reflect on their time at The UC Theatre. One of the magical parts of the Concert Career Pathways program is that interns, in addition to learning about the industry and roles and responsibilities of their job, learn about […]

Open Mic Reflections

We are proud to say that our first “Speak Your Truth” open mic showcase on the Tier One Stage presented 20 exciting and talented artists. The nurturing and energetic crowd gave me life. Everyone was super chill and the vibe was impeccable. It was so amazing to have been a part of this small yet […]

Oaktown Indie Mayhem with Sarah Sexton

On March 20th, we had the pleasure of having Sarah Sexton (also The UC Theatre’s Usher Coordinator) talk about her experience in the music industry to our interns as part of our Industry Professionals Speaker Series. She has been a local promoter and booker in the Bay Area for a number of years and is […]


New Year’s Eve is always a night full of excitement. Coming in on Sunday, I couldn’t help but reflect upon all the changes and growth that’s happened over the last year. Personally and professionally, this year was full of surprises that I couldn’t help but be grateful for. As always, the safety and security concerns […]

Stories From Box Office: Psychotherapy

Strange things can happen when you lock yourself into a glass box and sit at the sidewalk all day in downtown Berkeley. You don’t realize the number of people who are walking the streets who want to catch a moment of roadside therapy or share how struck they are by the beautiful sunset at the […]

Stories From Backstage: Backstage Perspectives

What makes The UC Theatre such a wonderful place to enjoy music and events are the passionate and hardworking staff that make each and every event possible. Today we took a trip to the rarely seen backstage area to talk with our Backstage and Production Managers – Jessica Russell and Andrew Koontz – about their […]