Concert Career Pathways

APPLICATIONS CLOSED (They will reopen in March 2019)

A nine month program for young people ages 17-25 that combines workshops and paid internships where participants learn best practices in production management, event coordination, stagehand, floor staff, live sound engineering, lighting design, event budgeting, box office operations, marketing, social media promotion, booking and more.

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This free program is the most comprehensive and accessible in the country. Our innovative curriculum develops the critical and creative thinking skills necessary to be successful in the 21st century workplace ,providing opportunities that both empower young people and strengthen the local economy.

  • Workshops Series (6 Sessions): Workshops are co-facilitated with industry professionals and provide a foundation in multiple aspects of concert promotion such as Marketing, Front of House Operations, Production, and Show Budget and Finances.

  • Paid Internships: Participants who have successfully completed the workshop series will work alongside top industry professionals for 8-12 hours per week or 20 shows cycle of events at The UC Theatre of the 75-100 plus annual shows. The UC Theatre staff mentors all program participants.

  • Advanced Workshops Series: The Advanced Workshops are facilitated by The UC Theatre’s staff and offer a deeper understanding in multiple aspects of concert and event promotion such as Live Sound Engineering, Lighting Design, Digital Marketing, Special Event Operations, Bar Operations, and Talent Buying.
  • Industry Tours: Participants are exposed to a variety of career opportunities through behind the scenes tours at Bay Area music/concert venues, performing arts organizations, music festivals, ticketing agents, and other music and entertainment related businesses.
  • Networking Opportunities: Participants will have the opportunity to network with a variety of music industry professionals through our Professional Partner Network.

For any additional inquiries about the Concert Career Pathways Program at The UC Theatre, please email