Meet Our Concert Career Pathways Cohort #3


Angel J. Lopez is a teenager from Richmond, California, a city where everyone has their own story about their life. Some of us good, some of us bad. Angel wants to join the music industry to see how it is. Music has played huge role in his life, and he has been playing multiple instrument for eight years! He sees the Concert Career Pathways program as an opportunity to see how the music industry works, learn about talent buying, expand on his knowledge on sounds and lights, and experience life as a stagehand in a professional live music environment. His career goals? As a high school student at Kennedy High, he has not really thought about it, but for now he is interested in both stagehand and IT (he love technology and computers)!


Briana Pike is from Clayton, California. As a pre-teen, she was exposed to live music environments and has found her passion. She has met some of her best friends and favorite bands through going to shows from an early age. Live music has provided her a consistently safe space for herself over the years. She studied within the Music Industry program at Diablo Valley College through participating in Concert Career Pathways program, Briana is excited to learn all of the aspects of running a venue, including how to create a great atmosphere. She is most excited for marketing, production and front of house operations. She is hoping to get into artist management or even possibly of owning a venue!


Cameron McGowan aka JusDizz is a rapper from Oakland, California. He spends his free time working diligently towards achieving his goal of touring the world; hip hop has been his way of progressing towards that goal. Cameron has been performing and writing his own music for 10 years. It has shaped him to be very comfortable with public speaking. He intends on becoming a lead artist on the charts. Through using this position he wants to impact the world to change. Cameron believes the ability to market is highly necessary to achieve this and feels that his participation in the Concert Career Pathways program will help him hone his skills to become a force in the industry.


Cristal Molina is 17 years old, born in Berkeley, raised in Richmond, and now lives in San Pablo. She is a senior at Richmond High Schools CAPA program. She finds music relaxing and is very interested in seeing all of the different ways that go into making an artist successful. Ideally she wants to become an actress and she is also interested in other career paths – editing, finance, and education. She sees herself participating in the Concert Career Pathways program as an opportunity to explore various ways to express herself and see where life takes her.



Jade Aguigui is from Fairfield, California and attends Diablo Valley College, where she double majors in Music Industry Studies and Sociology and hopes to prepare herself for a career that tackles social injustice within the music industry. Her main interest is to create inclusive spaces for women of color and LGBT+ folks because she has noticed a lack of representation in the industry. While she loves learning as much as possible about the industry in general, she is especially fascinated by audio since women make up less than 5% of this field. In addition to participating in Concert Career Pathways, she works with Another Planet Entertainment, Women in Music festival, and as a multimedia manager for an emerging rap collective. Jade is excited to learn about the ins and outs of the live music scene from a nonprofit venue.


Bernice G. is from East Oakland, California. Her passions with the music and entertainment industry stems from her experience performing on stage, and she is interested in learning what else work goes into making live performances possible. Through participating in The UC Theatre’s Concert Career Pathways program she hopes to learn about what it takes on promote and produce live events. Janely’s ultimate goal is to be able to teach teenagers and give them the same opportunities that she has had so far within the music and entertainment industry.


Joey Miller is from Martinez, California where his interest in concerts sprouted. His small town didn’t have any venues so he started putting on concerts at places from garages to veteran halls. He graduated from Martinez DIY to 924 Gilman Street Project in Berkeley, California, where he continues to book talent and do sound. Through all of the artists that he listened to, he realized that it was the support of the DIY community and record labels that made it possible to hear these artists. This peaked his interest in the recording side of the industry and he started to volunteer for the local record label, Asian Man records. He is grateful for all that he has learned about the music industry through the DIY scene and now he is excited to learn even more through The UC Theatre’s Concert Career Pathways program.


Lauren Lamboy grew up throughout the Bay Area – Pinole, Albany, Richmond, and Oakland. Since she was a teenage she has had a passion for the music industry doing both front of house and monitor sound mixing as well as concert photography and videography. She is excited to learn about all of the aspects of live music industry and sees The UC Theatre’s Concert Career Pathways program as way to further her skills in sound engineering and explore talent buying, graphic design, box office and bar operations. She is particularly interested in establishing connections within the industry so that she can pursue her career goals in becoming either a touring sound engineering or artists’ photographer/videographer.


Lily Borghino, born and raised in Oakland, has been exposed to many walks of life. She was brought up in an artistic family who showed her a life outside of ‘practical’ work. She has a deep appreciation for what music can do for the soul and can’t think of how many times she has relied on music to help her work though the obstacles she has faced. She would love to work towards a career that keeps music alive. She believes The UC Theatre’s Concert Career Pathways program will not only teach her the skills it takes to work for a music venue, but also challenge her to step out of her comfort zone. After the nine month program, she plans to enroll in community college and work towards becoming a sound tech for a theater and hopefully get a job with a local Bay Area theater/venue.


Luis Carbajal was born and raised in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico. At the age of 12 his family migrated to California for a better life, and since then he has been working hard and discovering his path. Since birth he has been surrounded by music and festivities – his family would gather for holidays, birthdays and special occasions to celebrate through music, playing guitars and mandolins and singing along to mariachi and classical Mexican folk music. His deep passion for music extends beyond listening and playing; he believes that The UC Theatre’s Concert Career Pathways program will offer opportunities and build his skills to eventually be able to form a non-profit collective that creates a music festival which would generate revenue to support education, culture, music and arts for youth in developing nations, and more specifically Oaxaca, Mexico. He is excited to thrive and grow in this industry that becomes influential for future generations.


Mamie Willis was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico into a family of artists, scholars, dancers, architects and poets, all black women. Through these people she learned that she is an artist of many media and that her passion and imagination can take her to anywhere. As a singer, bass player, occasional actress and dancer, she realized that a good show is equally dependent on both the quality of performance as well as the event production. She believes in spaces where artistic people of color, women, and LGBTQ+ people are celebrated and promoted. Through participating in The UC Theatre’s Concert Career Pathways program, she hopes to learn the skills that will help her create these spaces. She loves the feeling of bringing a community together to celebrate and express themselves and plans to work hard on making this happen.


Rebekah Gonzales is from the small city of Dinuba in California’s Central Valley. Growing up in a such a small and limiting area lead her to do performing arts from 1st to 12th grade education. She loves attending concerts and knowing that for a few hours, everyone around is experiencing something similar. That’s why she is excited to learn about production and other aspects of the live music industry through The UC Theatre’s Concert Career Pathways program. She wants to be knowledgeable and capable of helping create the spaces that have made her life fun and meaningful. Rebekah’s career goal is to be a working music journalist and photographer. She is excited to learn as much as possible about the entertainment industry.


Rosy  Wu is from San Diego and is studying Business Administration at U.C. Berkeley. In her Events and Program Assistant position at Haas Alumni Relations Office, she has gained valuable experience through helping plan seven signature events which include Homecoming, Gala, and the Alumni Conference. Event planning comes naturally to her and she loves the adrenaline rush she gets during the event that she’s been working towards. From The UC Theatre’s Concert Career Pathways program, she wants to learn the process that goes into planning a concert from start to finish. One day, she would like to become an event planner and she is very excited to soak up the knowledge from UCT staff which she can hopefully apply in the future.


Solomon Davis was born and raised in the lively and diverse community of South Berkeley. As a senior majoring in radio, television and film at San Jose State University, he hopes to pursue a career in the production world of feature films. He is currently working as a video production assistant for San Jose State’s information resource center, where he films lectures and events throughout the SJSU campus. He is passionate about the entertainment industry and thrives in the hands-on environment of the music and film industry. Solomon is looking forward to building upon his production skills and learning the logistics of running a venue through The UC Theatre’s Concert Career Pathways program.


William Sorensen is from Castro Valley, California, where he has lived all his life. He has always had an interest in poetry writing, especially lyrical poetry, and started singing as a teenager. He has honed his singing skills at Bedford Studios, and performed at Alameda County Fair amongst other outdoor summer venues where he sang Beatles and Johnny Cash covers. Through participating in The UC Theatre’s Concert Career Pathways program, he is excited to see what goes into keeping a concert hall going, how people there interact with artists, and the day-to-day operations of live music promotion and production. He is curious to see what skills are required that he can apply in his future career the music industry.


Zaid Johnson is from Oakland, California and loves the Bay Area for many reasons including its diversity, technology, beauty, and opportunities. He is a recent graduate from Oakland Technical High School and in his freshman year at San Francisco State University. His passion for music started at a very early age, keeping beat while in his mother’s womb. Not only does he love listening to music, playing covers and performing, but he also finds songwriting very rewarding. He has started to record his own music in his home studio and is teaching himself sound mixing. He believes that he will be able to enhance his skills through The UC Theatre’s Concert Career Pathways program as well as learn behind-the-scenes aspects of running a live music venue. He feels that this program has been designed for him.


Zari Fernandes is from Richmond, California and a senior at Leadership High School. Her passion within music is to learn how to make music sound good during a live concert for thousands of people. She is excited that The UC Theatre’s Concert Career Pathways program will help her improve her communication skills and she’ll get to learn how to use different types of sound boards. Her career goals include becoming a producer and working in production, both on the technical side and in backstage hospitality.