Kolohe Kai

Sold Out: Kolohe Kai

Fiji, The Mana'o Company, CRSB, BigBody Cisco

Sun, September 15, 2019

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Kolohe Kai
Kolohe Kai is an Island Reggae Artist based out of Hawaii, represented by Singer/Songwriter Roman De Peralta. Starting off his debut album, “This is the Life” in 2009 with a band of loyal high school friends, Kolohe Kai took the Pacific Reggae Scene by storm with infectious hits like Ehu Girl and Cool Down.
Kolohe Kai has recently released their latest full length album “SUMMER TO WNTER” in early 2019 and they are presently touring the celebration of their new project and are stoked to be on the road again.
Based in Hawai'i, Fiji (who was born in Fiji) is the one of the top-selling Pacific artists in the world, and is very popular in Hawai'i, winning Best Male Vocalist at the Hawai'i Music Awards in 1998.
BigBody Cisco
BigBody Cisco
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Venue Information:
The UC Theatre Taube Family Music Hall
2036 University Avenue
near Downtown Berkeley BART
Berkeley, CA, 94704